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Uncover I am Spotless Pimple Patch

Uncover I am Spotless Pimple Patch

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 Kiss your spots goodbye – We made getting rid of that pimple and its Cyst-ers, simple! “I Am Spotless” pimple patches shrink pimples faster, reduce inflammation, protect the pimple from external irritants and prevent you from popping or picking your pimples, preventing acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. These game changing pimple patches have advanced hydrocolloid gunk sucking technology. The transparent hydrocolloid patch can be applied to the pimple in the day or night & can even be used under makeup. Leave the pimple patches on for about 6 hours to absorb the impurities and suck out gunk. Once the pimple patch turns white, replace it with a new one if needed. The Pimple Patch is an innovative skincare solution that heals pimples by covering them with an advanced hydrocolloid gunk sucking technology. Shrinks pimples faster. Prevent you from touching and scarring. Absorbs pus from pimples. Protects pimples from outside irritants or bacteria. Ultra-thin tapered edges: easy to use & hard to spot. Gentle & non-drying. Can be used on the face & body

How to Use: Cleanse skin and dry completely Tear the perforated line to peel off a patch Cover the pimple with a patch, gently press down Let the “sucking” begin! Go about your day Remove when opaque or unsticky. Repeat if needed.

INGREDIENT: Salicylic Acid – A top acne-fighting ingredient that unclogs pores and dissolves skin debris including dirt and excess oil.Centella Asiatica – This powerful K-beauty ingredient is a leafy green herb that has been used for centuries in Korea, full of antioxidants and soothing properties. It helps to heal, restore and strengthen the skin barrier and reduce inflammation. Hydrocolloid – A breathable yet waterproof agent, which means it can eradicate your pimple while reducing the risk of drying out your skin. Hydrocolloid absorbs oil trapped under your skin while protecting the zit from the external environment.

SIZE: 18 transparent patches (10mm x 9 + 12mm x 9)

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