Damaged Skin Barrier

The skin barrier which is the outermost layer of the skin protects the skin. The skin barrier is essential for your overall health and needs to be protected to help your skin function properly. The skin barrier can be damaged/compromised by some factors such as; Over use/ misuse of products, over exfoliation, use of harsh chemicals, dehydration, liifestyle (stress, extreme change of weather, nutrition,pregnancy,diet) or use of stripping products can cause damaged skin barrier. Itchiness, Inflammation, Sensitivity/irritation, Unusual dryness, random(continuous) breakout(particularly for non acne prone skin)or redness are signs of a damaged skin barrier. To repair your skin barrier, go basic & Simple with your products/routine + Cut down on actives/exfoliants +Opt for more gentle fragrance free, hydrating & soothing products + protect your skin (using sunscreen) & let the skin breathe/heal itself.