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Lightweight body oil with Argan oil rich in antioxidants to protect skin cells against free radical damage. Also formulated with Snail essence for its reparative benefits to dry & damaged skin.


Lumi’ssence is a  protective, brightening, and moisture-sealing body oil

Seal in moisture witch Lumi’ssence. Lumi’ssence Oil Smoothens, glows and glistens


Key ingredients: Argan oil- Moisturizes. Anti-Aging Natural Snail Essence- Smoothens. Anti-inflammatory Jojoba oil- Moisturizes. Mimics natural sebum Vitamin B3 – Cell regeneration

Usage: Massage into damp skin after a shower. For best results, layer over Ultra Moisture Creme 


PRODUCT INGREDIENT: Snail Essence, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin B3


Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria and Ghana






House of Coco


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