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This is a daily Kojic Acid soap designed to safely even out skin complexion, and reduce dark spots and patches. It also contains skin conditioning ingredients to give a Rich, luscious lather and leave the skin soft and hydrated.


HOW TO USE: Apply directly damp skin to work up lather, can be left on skin for up to a minute and then rinse out, then follow up with your moisturiser or body oil/butter.


We recommend to use up to twice daily to experience best body brightening results.


PS: Do not use this product on your face as it is an alkaline based soap. Its best to use acid based or PH balanced soaps or cleanser for the face.


PRODUCT INGREDIENT: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Lactate, Papain Enzyme, Pineapple Extract, Polyquartenium-7, Aloevera Juice, Kojic Acid, Parfum, Colourant.


PRODUCT TYPE: Cleanser/wash/soap


PRODUCT CONCERN: Hyperpigmentation






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