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Fast-absorbing, glow-inducing & nourishing shea oil for softer skin & hair.

Arami’s best-selling Glow Oil, now infused with a deep Moroccan rose & oud fragrance. Bringing you blessings of botanical abundance and inspiring feelings of love, faith, positivity, serenity & happiness.

The rose accord (inspired by Eden’s Elixir) accompanied by deep oud notes will guide you into a restful daydream, igniting thoughts of love within your soul and reminding you of happier days. Use as a daily moisturiser on your skin & to seal the ends of your hair, locking moisture into every aspect of your body.

Glow Oil Oud of Eden is a powerhouse oil made of only one other ingredient – 100% Shea nut oil. This daily nourishing oil is locally produced in Nigeria, that nurtures skin & hair like no other giving soft, supple and glowing results. All the benefits of our Glow Oil but with a fresh new scent.

Targets; dry skin, dullness, stretch marks & signs of aging

Suitable for All skin types except very sensitive skin due to fragrance.

How to Use: Warm a few drops between palms and gently massage in as desired

Ingredients:Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Nut) Oil and Parfum (Fragrance)




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